Tuesday, 17 January 2012

New Year - New stuff

Good day,

I hope you had a lovely christmas and new year (imagined reader), I know I did. I've been working nights all through January, and so most of my free time has been filled with sleep and early morning bus journeys; that being said, nights can be pretty quiet at times so I have managed to do quite a bit of crochet. 

I started making my first blanket, which I have dubbed my bumblebee blanket and it is coming along quite nicely.

My first batch of granny squares! 


1. Cream and purple square.

 2. Multicoloured Circles.

3. Baby pink flower.

4. Earth-tone square.

5. Blue and cream flower.

New Blackbird presentation cards (so pleased with these!)

Various earrings. 

Slightly simple looking bunny amigurumi.

Blackbird ring.

 Experiments in scrap - compressed scrap sculpy slices. These remind me of cherry blossoms.

Festive cranberry/apple/bauble earrings.

 Equally festive swirly bauble ring.

Anatomically correct heart brooch.


My (very nearly complete) Sex Bob Omb cross-stitch set :D

A beautiful paper snowflake that Steve made.

And finally - one of my presents. A hot glue gun, yay! Im gonna glue so much stuff!!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Merry Craftmas

Seasons Greetings!

Its been a while since my last post, so thought I'd update you (imagined audience) on what I've been making recently. I ran out of sculpy about a week ago and have been pretty busy with work, so I've been crocheting more than usual (taking advantage of the bus journey).

I also thought I'd run out of aida, which made me sad because I've been aching to cross-stitch recently. Fortunately however I found a couple of offcutts which were big enough to use. Being December I figured I should make something festive, so I made my 2 closest friends some lovely Christmas cards. 

Made almost entirely from scratch. I painstakingly cut out the card with a window for the cross-stitch, lined it with paper (to cover the card holding the aida in place) and made a cute little tassel. 

Closer pic of the stitching and tassel (the second one came out better). I didnt really think about adding writing until I had finised the border and tree. When I came to do some text I realised there was no way that "Merry Christmas" was going to fit. Oops. I think Merry Treemas is a bit cuter and quirkier anyway.

I even made my first envelope!

 On to the crochet! After making the little grey bear amigurumi (from the last post) I decided I really liked the contrast between grey and orange. With this in mind I took a ball of grey wool with me to work and arrived home with a longish grey rectangle. I then cut a smaller rectangle out of an old orange t-shirt and sewed it to the middle of the crochet.

 I folded and stitched the bottom third into a pouch, first with grey thread (for strength) and then added some chunky orange stitches and a big orange button to achieve that contrast. I added a press-stud for fastening.

 This is the perfect size for any small bag (especially compared to the huge purse I use at the moment).

 Crochet phone case with button fastening. Big enough for my HTC Hero.

Three little duckies. 

 I spent about 2 hours re-organising my thread box. It makes me smile to see it so organised.

 And finally! Our Christmas tree :) 

Hope everyone has a wonderful festive season! See you in the new year!

Friday, 25 November 2011

A productive week indeed (plus some old pictures).

I started my first real job as a qualified psychiatric nurse last week, hence the lull in updates. I've really enjoyed it and am settling in nicely. One of the things that concerned me about starting this job was the commute. For the past three years (whilst at university) I'd been taking the train, which took about 20 minutes each way and gave me time to get some reading done. I am now having to get the bus, which takes about an hour each way. I'm one of those unfortunate people who gets sick if they read on a bus or in a car, much to my annoyance, but I have found that I can crochet whilst travelling. Better still, it makes the journey practically fly by :) So I've managed to get quite a bit done.

A weeks work. 

A little grey bear.

 Blue button-eyed bunny.


 Pinky grey bunny.

Not 100% sure what this is, possibly a mouse?

A couple of shots of the llama.

 Fluffy coat, made by splitting the wool.

Finished product.

 Pocket monster/alien things. Very quick to do.

With Sculpy mouths/teeth.